The Alexandra Bowling Club, as it was initially known, was founded in 1893 playing on the public lawns in Alexandra Park, Hastings. The earliest club records relate to the year 1899 when the annual subscription for the 53 members was 2s.6d [12½p] and the Club Champion was awarded a prize of £2.2s.0d [£2.10p].  The same year the club was founded the Scottish Bowling Association produced a set rules for the game which became the basis of those in force today. 

As bowling became evermore popular, in 1907 the local authority provided a public bowling green in Alexandra Park which naturally saw the club move its activities onto this green and they also persuaded the local authority to provide a pavilion for their use.  The Club’s opening match on the newly laid green was on 21st May between two sides representing the Club Captain and the Club President.


The following year Club members were instrumental in getting a ‘Winter Bowls and social club’ organised in the gymnasium of the White Rock Baths on Hastings seafront, so members could play during the winter months.  The game was played on mats laid out on the gymnasium floor and was only one of two such facilities in Sussex, the other being at Brighton.


Throughout the two World Wars of the 20th century, bowls continued to be played albeit a number of games were cancelled and social events cancelled.  The green itself managed to escape the bombing of Hastings despite 4 High Explosive bombs being dropped in the park near the bowling green.

In 1962 in common with many other clubs, Alexandra Bowling Club became a Bowls Club so as not to be confused with a Ten Pin Bowling Club, which were springing up all over the country at this time.

Over the years the wooden pavilion was extended as needs required until in 1988 vandals set fire to the building.  It was quickly rebuilt and is the pavilion we have today.  It is here the club entertains its visiting teams in the 50 match summer season who mainly come from various clubs in and around west Kent and East Sussex as well as local teams in Hastings, Bexhill and the surrounding villages.